Agency Will Focus on Multimedia Federal Marketing and Issue Advocacy Campaigns

BURKE, VA (October 2, 2006) - Jefferson Communications (JC) is pleased to announced that it has launched as an independent corporation. Formerly the public relations division of the Jefferson Consulting Group, newly incorporated JC has expanded its service offerings to include advertising, creative design and video and audio production. The move broadens the firm’s ability to communicate, educate and advocate in Washington, D.C. This new framework also allows the creation of a comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically to federal marketing initiatives and issue advocacy campaigns that the team will develop and execute on behalf of their clients.

"The JC team has always made our client’s objectives our own," said Amy Talley, Principal at Jefferson Communications. "In our new form, we are thrilled to broaden the media used to effectively position our clients in the federal market and extend our reach into new outlets."

Understanding the undercurrents and push-pull effect of the political landscape, the team develops campaigns and programs that raise awareness and educate key stakeholders on a client’s discriminators and value proposition. The JC team has successfully worked on numerous high profile legislative campaigns, grassroots initiatives, company and product launches, corporate acquisition strategies, internal communications plans and education programs.

About Jefferson Communications
Jefferson Communications Incorporated is a full service, multimedia federal marketing firm. With a profound understanding of the procurement, legislative and regulatory processes and the complex aspects shaping them, the group’s programs are designed to raise awareness, articulate discriminators and drive valuation for companies and organizations.
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